For businesses and personal applications. Grow your brand and share moments more beautifully.  

Classes are presented by Alexander Ekkelenkamp and Beulah Ekkelenkamp (who ironically met on instagram). They are both professional photographers and owners of Goldmorning online shop. Learn the social media skills they have acquired through running their businesses online.

Classes and consults are currently listed with a introductory price. Next scheduled class, January (exact date TBA) in Melbourne, FL. Contact [email protected] for any questions about classes and scheduling or if you would like them to come to your town!

(all images posted for the workshop were taken and edited with mobile devices.)

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Building Your Online Presence.

  • Finding your niche. (Personal Consult Only)
  • Curating your Instagram Feed.
  • Networking via social media.
  • Represent your brand or life story visually. (Personal Consult Only)
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Capturing + Editing Mobile Images

  • How to improve your mobile photography (Lighting, Framing, subject etc)
  • Hands on practice shooting.
  • Best apps to edit your mobile images with and how to use them.
  • How to retouch your image using only your mobile device. (If you are using a phone to read, keep scrolling down to continue reading more info..)
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Constructive Critique + Start-Up Assistance.

  • Uses and functions of the Instagram app.
  • A review of your existing profile and ways to improve. (Personal Consult Only.)
  • Staying on-top of posting. (Posting Schedules)
  • Do's and don'ts of third party apps.